The reasons to learn to speak Russian are numerous;
  • Planning to live and work in Russian
  • Regular business trips would be easier with a command of the Russian language
  • Planning to take holidays in Russia
  • You're looking for a challenge!

Whatever your reason for wanting to learn Russian, if you embark on the A4Translation course, you can take control of your travels and plans, and quickly start to learn to speak Russian.

With A4 Translation's Russian language course you will be able to master (or refresh) your skills, and learn more about the country which will undoubtedly make communication easier and more enjoyable.

You will learn as much as possible in the time that is available to you and enjoy an experience that is not only valuable, but one you will wish to repeat.

The Russian language course is based on 80 to 120 hours of tuition. The course is carefully designed and based on a communicative approach to achieve the best results.

Tuition is available in your own home or office, or if you prefer at our Tutor's premises. Prices start from 15 per hour.


Anyone can learn to speak another language - the best way is to start to memorise a few essential words and phrases. These are words and phrases in Russian that you will say again and again like "Hello", "Thank you", "How are you?" or "How much?".

Learning one phrase that will be useful but not necessarily essential such as "lovely day isn't it?" will move you away from the basics and be certain to get you a reply and a smile, and encourage you to learn more of the Russian language!

If you're interested in learning Russian, and want a taste of the language itself, have a look at the following examples by clicking the links below!


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